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MON Archive

Archive for Ministry of National Defence - permit building design and execution designs in the field of sanitary installations.


Łańcut Castle

Prestigious museum object on a global scale. We performed permit building and execution designs in the castle, park and other facilities in the field of full M&E together with the integration of security systems.


SPA Center in Zawady

SPA center in Zawady - design for mechanical, electrical and telecommunication installations (M&E).


Scientific-Educational Center of Railway Transport - revitalization train station Sosnowiec - Maczki

Building and implementing electrical and telecommunication installations with geodetic map design for Scientific and Educational Centre for Railway Transport - revitalization of train station Sosnowiec - Maczki.


Park Pokoju in Oswięcim

Peace Park in Oswięcim - revitalization of appr. 100 ha - a design for monitoring (CCTV)  and access control systems.

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